Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Be Persistent and Persevere!

  Persistence and Perseverance!

We all show persistence and perseverance many times throughout our lifetime, whether it is learning to walk, ride a bike, driving or learning new computer skills. But, when it comes to our goals, we’re not always as good as we can be about just hanging in there.
Here are a few ideas: 
1) Never lose sight of your goals
2) Don’t let distractions get in your way
3) Don’t let others discourage you
4) Find people who will encourage you
5) Take the first step
6) Take pride in little victories along the way
7) Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t
8) Never fear failure
9) Be patient
                Be Persistent and Persevere!
           From Chapter 4…

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