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Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Carpe Diem Seize the Day!

We need to remember we are in charge of our lives and we can start by “Seizing the Day”.
Revered basketball coach John Wooden is famous for advising his players to make each day your masterpiece and Gandhi may have given the best advice when he said: ” The future depends on what you do today “.
Life is now and life will always be only now. The present moment is really all there ever is to experience everything. It is up to us to take this responsibility for ourselves and seize it fully. So live your potential now.
The Chinese say it so well…. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is today.
  Carpe Diem Seize the Day!
        From Chapter 10……

Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Take the Strategic Approach!

When the greatest generals in history prepared for battle, they made it a point to focus on the entire battlefield and not just the ground on which they made their stand. To never lose sight of the over arching goal – to win the war by winning one battle at a time, that is the very essence of strategum, as Sun Tzu called it.

All of us face battles in our daily lives and often times that very enemy is ourseves.

Most of us think tactically but we must look at that task at hand as part of a greater strategy.

      The Strategic Approach!

        From Chapter 9……

Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Hitting the Curveball

We all face situations or circumstances in our lives that are unexpected. The unexpected is always feared, misunderstood and avoided because, like a child afraid of the dark, we constantly seek a night-light to illuminate what we don’t know.

Curveballs can get in the way of your self-motivation and will stop you from achieving your goals.

One of the best ways to handle the unexpected is to view yourself as the manager of your own life.

If you take control of the situation – you will discover that you can handle the curveball. You’ll see that as you pursue your goals it is not so much about how you fall as it is about how you get up.

Hitting the Curveball

From Chapter 8……

Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Making Friends with Your Fears

Fear is one of the greatest obstacles to self-motivation. Nothing can stop you more than fear from taking that risk that will help you reach your goals.

A proper mastery of yourself over your fears – a friendship if you will – is what drives us to overcome and achieve our goals.

There is a line in the Godfather in which Michael Corleone recounts how his father taught him to keep his friends close but his enemies (his fears) closer. This can be the key to your success if you can convert your fears from foe to friend.

As you push forward, remember the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt who said: “The only thing to fear is fear itself”.

Making Friends with Your Fears

From Chapter 6……

Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Discover the Power of Patience

It is not always easy to be patient.

The ability to give yourself time to think gives you an enormous advantage. It is not always easy to pull yourself out of a situation and give yourself the right intellectual distance to truly assess what is happening.

In essence, patience is the ability to control your emotions, to wait without becoming anxious, annoyed or frustrated. It is recognizing that waiting is not always a negative, but that patience, is, as we all know, a virtue.

Discover the Power of Patience! 
        From Chapter 5…       

Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Be Persistent and Persevere!

  Persistence and Perseverance!

We all show persistence and perseverance many times throughout our lifetime, whether it is learning to walk, ride a bike, driving or learning new computer skills. But, when it comes to our goals, we’re not always as good as we can be about just hanging in there.
Here are a few ideas: 
1) Never lose sight of your goals
2) Don’t let distractions get in your way
3) Don’t let others discourage you
4) Find people who will encourage you
5) Take the first step
6) Take pride in little victories along the way
7) Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t
8) Never fear failure
9) Be patient
                Be Persistent and Persevere!
           From Chapter 4…

Self Motivational Thought of the Week: Find Your Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose
For many of us, there was a time as children when we couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and do what we loved to do. But too often we leave what we loved to do in the past because life gets in the way and our calling – if you will – is overshadowed by the demands and responsibilities that come with adulthood.
Underneath it all, the passion for what we really enjoy is still simmering. The inner flame is still alight, hidden away in the dark. The challenge is not to let those embers burn out.
As you are working to find your passion and purpose, ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t have to be concerned with earning a living. What would you really be doing if you had a blank canvas and all the tools you needed to paint the perfect picture of your life?

Find Your Passion and Purpose!

From Chapter 3…      

Self Motivational Thought of The Week: Rethink The Way You Think!

There are many decisions that we make each day where it is important to think of both the short and long-term consequences of our judgement.

By learning to think like a strategic warrior – a fighter who during the battle keeps his or her ultimate goals in mind – we are able to make better decisions critical to our success.

From Chapter 2……The Book “No One is Coming”

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