All of us have goals we hope to accomplish.

Too often, however, life gets in the way of us achieving our goals, and we push them aside and try to forget we ever had them. We settle for something less than what we really wanted, when we know there was something more for us out there.

In short, we lose the motivation to keep pushing forward and just accept the life we didn’t choose, believing there is no way to change it.

This book is designed to help readers rekindle that motivation and discover a clear path back to who they want to become – who they were always meant to be. It is based on a simple, easy philosophy that recognizes we can achieve whatever we want to achieve if we just understand the basic principles of not only motivation but especially self- motivation.

Unlike motivation which can come from listening to others, self-motivation comes from within. With self-motivation you don’t need to rely on messages from the outside to find the drive, the ambition, the fire in the belly that’s imperative to achieving your goals. Instead of external motivation, which is temporary and may dissolve in a few hours or a few days, self-motivation is a long-term developed skill that can be practiced daily until you become the master of your own life.

The aim of this book is not to provide a quick fix to finding your motivation. Instead, what it offers is a unique, useful and new approach that can be practiced daily, helping you to keep moving forward on your journey toward achieving your goals and becoming the person you were meant to be.